Introduction To Deepflow Guttering Systems

To most people, gutters are a functional, nondescript part of a building. Like a shower, drain pipe or central heating boiler, their work goes unnoticed - that is until they go wrong. But unlike a shower or a boiler, properly maintained gutters have a long lifespan, so it is very unlikely that you will ever fit a guttering system to your property more than once.

This means your choice of guttering, when you come to make it, will stay with you for a long time. Most people don't look outside of half round or square gutters. It works perfectly fine under normal conditions and it's what most of the houses in every street have been fitted with. But there is another option that is becoming ever more popular - Deep Flow.

High Capacity, Same Width

Deep Flow gutters are generally hardly any wider than normal half round gutters, but crucially they are usually around 20mm deeper. And whilst that is less than one inch, it makes a massive difference in terms of capacity - in fact Floplast Deep Flow gutter has over twice the flow rate of normal half round. But because of the relatively small increase in the overall dimensions of the gutter profile, it looks perfectly suited to any normal domestic installation.

Whilst Floplast Deep Flow guttering does come with the option of an oversized 80mm downpipe, this is only really necessary for very large or extremely steep pitched roofs. As the outlet connects directly to standard 68mm round downpipe, most people choose this option, which is perfectly fine for majority of domestic installations.

Different Styles for the Design-Conscious

Available in all standard colours plus the attractive cast iron effect finish, more and more homeowners are opting for Deep Flow guttering. We offer a choice of black, grey, white and brown plastic deepflow gutters, as well as the cast iron effect style.

Correct Gutter Capacity in Heavy Rainfall Areas

Our weather conditions in the UK seem to be becoming more and more extreme. The floods experienced this winter were extraordinary, and many gutter installations failed due to a combination of a lack of maintenance and the sheer volume of water cascading off of the roof. And whilst we can only hope that those conditions won't return any time soon, those houses fitted with well maintained Deep Flow gutters will undoubtedly be better prepared to handle this volume of rainfall if history does repeat itself.