Cast Iron Effect Guttering

Cast iron effect gutters combine a traditional appearance with all the benefits of modern manufacturing, including a 20-year colour guarantee.

With a stylish design cast iron effect guttering looks impressive and can transform any property. It really does look like traditional cast iron both at high and low levels. The results are dramatic and speak for themselves.

For more information on cast iron effect guttering, please read below. Additionally, watch the video to see close up views of many products. Our cast effect gutters are available in half round, ogee and deepflow styles with a choice of round or square downpipes.


Cast Iron Effect Gutters

A number of smaller guttering suppliers take stock of plain gutter products and paint the cast iron effect on themselves. The initial appearance of products from these suppliers may look the same. They may even use genuine images of cast iron effect products on their websites. However, the end product delivered will be inferior.

FloPlast's paint formula, spraying and baking processes have been perfected over a number of years through extensive accelerated weather and impact testing. This is why Gutter Supplies offer a 20 year guarantee on this range. Inferior paint finishes applied after the product has left the manufacturers' premises will definitely not stand the test of time. In this case, the manufacturer's guarantee will be void.


  • 20 Year 'cast iron' colour guarantee
  • Significant cost saving over traditional cast iron
  • Pre-fitted gutter seal retaining clip system for fast user friendly installation
  • Pre-lubricated seals
  • External fixing lugs on shoes and pipe sockets
  • Black fixing bolts available to complement the traditional look
  • All the benefits of PVC, for quick and easy installation

Click here for a close up view of the FloPlast Cast Iron Effect Gutter System.


Plastic guttering manufacturers soon became aware of the business that was being lost to traditional manufacturers. Therefore in recent years, they have come up with a clever alternative.

Cast iron effect gutter and soil pipe systems incorporate the appearance of traditional cast systems into a modern PVC product. This means that all the benefits of plastic are still inherent in the product.

This result is a system that looks like metal, it even feels a little like metal. However, it is lightweight, easy to install and won’t rust or need painting.

The method of fixing this system is exactly the same as normal PVC guttering. This means it can be undertaken by any builder, plumber or competent DIY-er.

Whilst the market for guttering supplies is undoubtedly a vast one, it had seen very little change since the early 1980’s. Proven technologies continue to deliver a wide range of good quality PVC and Metal rainwater systems. Generally speaking, if you wanted a traditional appearance you chose Cast iron gutters and if you liked the modern benefits of plastic you chose a PVC system.

However in the last ten years, the introduction of cast effect gutters has turned this notion on its head. Manufactured using a closely guarded two-stage process, this type of guttering offers developers and householders all the well publicised benefits of maintenance free plastic, but with the timeless appearance of traditional painted iron.

Available in half round, deep flow and ogee styles, with a choice of round and square downpipes, there is a design to suit all types of properties old and new. With a range of decorative hoppers and motifs to complement any of these systems you can turn what was once a functional piece of plumbing into an eye-catching feature.

For your peace of mind each system is protected by a 20 year colour and performance guarantee. Discover more about the features and benefits of cast iron effect guttering here


Installation is the same for cast iron effect as for all other PVC Gutters. You will find whole host of information about gutter installation on our Guides and Tips Section here, including detailed installation videos. For those perfectionists who want perfect harmony, there is even a matching cast iron effect soil pipe system!

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