Vented Soffit Boards - 10mm

Our Vented Soffit conforms with UK Building Regulations by offering continuous ventilation equivalent to a 10mm wide air gap, which is necessary for roofs with a 30° pitch or greater. These UPVC Soffit boards fill in the space between the wall and the fascia board's back side, thereby blocking it off and enabling airflow into the loft space to reduce the risk of moisture. For particularly low pitched or flat roofs, we can also provide double-vented soffits.

Our Vented Soffit is a great option for the eaves venting because it is still likely that the amount of moisture carried into the roof space will be greater than the underlay can handle at certain times of the year, even when vapour permeable underlays have been used in place of bitumen-based roof felts. This could result in damp insulation.

To match our Replacement Fascia and Fascia Capping Board ranges our Pre-Vented UPVC Soffits are available in WhiteBlack AshRosewood and Golden Oak.