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Our steel gutter system is made from top quality Scandinavian Steel by leading European manufacturer Galeco

The most common finish for this system is galvanised. Other finishes include black, copper effect, and the super popular graphite.

Steel gutters have become incredibly popular in recent years, making them the gutter of choice for many architects and specifiers. Its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio makes it easy to handle and install while also earning an industry-leading 35-year mechanical warranty.

If you're searching for an eye-catching, robust gutter that stands out from the crowd, our steel systems could be the answer. Here at GutterSupplies, we are the only UK supplier of Galeco guttering.


If you have never considered steel guttering before, why not take a quick look at our short introductory video below:

You can also read more about the key features and benefits of steel guttering in our Guides & Tips section.


Unlike most other steel systems, our 135mm and 120mm angles include built-in seals, which eliminates the need for an extra union to connect the gutter to the angle. Also, our unions come with the option of an integral fixing bracket, meaning fewer fascia brackets are required. Check out our article to learn more about why steel gutter angles don't require extra unions


Our steel gutter comes with an industry-leading 35-year mechanical warranty and a 15-year warranty on the finish. Unlike other suppliers. Gutter Supplies hold extensive stocks of all of the colours shown on our website, ensuring quick and easy delivery.


Galvanised Steel Gutter Manufacturing

Our coloured steel guttering is made in a four-stage process to ensure a first-class finish. Galvanised Scandinavian steel is coated with zinc, then a passivation layer followed by primer and then the final organic layer. A second additional polymer layer containing chromium is applied in the case of the galvanised finish option, creating a smooth, opulent surface.


Fittings are cleverly engineered for both ease of installation and a clean, modern appearance. 70mm wide seals are incorporated into angles and unions. All angles in the 100mm and 135mm systems include seals, which eliminate the need for extra unions often needed with steel gutter angles.

Additionally, unions with fixing brackets are available, which is another rarity for steel systems. The beautifully crafted side rafter bracket is designed specifically for the UK market, allowing guttering to be attached directly to the rafter.


Coastal environments are exposed to significantly more salt water (or vapour) than more typical urban environments. Saltwater/vapour can increase metal corrosion five times faster than fresh water.

While our steel guttering systems are well coated and protected, excessive seawater vapour in coastal locations may have corrosive effects over time. Read our care and maintenance guide for steel gutters for more information.

To prevent the buildup of blocked and messy gutters, which can subsequently impact other parts of your home, discover the optimal cleaning routine and techniques in our featured article here.


Full and concise fixing instructions can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here. If you’re installing square profiled gutters, check out our Square Steel Gutter Installation Instructions for more information.

Galeco steel gutters are wrapped with a protective film to protect the paint finish during transit and storage. This film should be removed just prior to installation to guarantee that the completed product keeps its rich lustre.

For additional product reviews, comparisons, including PDF guides, and videos, please visit our steel gutters Guides & Tips section.

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