Polycarbonate Glazing Bars For Storm

Traditionally all rafter bars for polycarbonate sheets were timber supported - they needed to be screwed on to the top of timber bearers made of usually 3" x 2" or 4" x 2" planed softwood. These timbers would then need to be painted to match the bars and to give a pleasant aesthetic finish internally. The timbers, like all painted surfaces, need to be maintained to keep up their smart appearance. Many customers still use this option when constructing carports and lean-to roofs.

Self-Supporting rafter bars are a more recent development in the Polycarbonate Roofing industry. They are strong enough to support the roof on their own without the need for traditional timber bearers, eliminating labour and material costs and drastically reducing ongoing maintenance requirements. They are suite to the construction of complete conservatory roofs as well as traditonal lean-to's and carports.


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