Cast Iron Gutter - Ogee

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The Cast Iron Gutter Ogee profile is the perfect shape for those looking for something akin to the traditional Victorian style of guttering and is a key part of our cast iron gutters rainwater range. Our Ogee Cast Iron Gutter is forged by Hargreaves Foundry and we are among their lead suppliers throughout all of the UK.

There are three different styles of Cast Iron Ogee Gutters available in our range to suit every style of property. As the Ogee profile is not symmetrical, all stopends and stopend outlets are either left or right handed, and corners are either external or internal.

An external corner appears to go away from you when standing in front of it, whilst an internal corner comes towards you. All fittings such as corners and outlets have one plain end and one socketed end - sockets are always found on the left-hand side of each fitting when standing in front of the gutter. Viewing the product pictures should clarify this, but if you do need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.