Coated Timber Cladding

If you’re looking to create a bold but classy exterior, then our timber cladding is the ideal solution for you! The combination of embossed and rustic grain surfaces along with a stunning colour palette creates a multi-sensory experience. This type of cladding is innovative in its production, cost-effective, and offers an abundance of benefits.

What are the benefits of exterior timber cladding?


These charred timber cladding boards have been designed to enhance all building facades. It is manufactured in Britain using 100% natural timber that has been:

  • Profiled – modern sawmilling equipment is used to profile the cladding boards, ensuring a consistent dimension and a smooth, elegant surface finish.
  • Kiln dried – the wood's weight, strength, workability, and movement can all be affected by the amount of water in the material itself, which is why the timber is kiln-dried.
  • Charred – IRO's stunning enhanced grain appearance is a result of the charring process, which closes the outer cell structure and increases its durability. It also shields it from rot, insects, and the weather.
  • Brushed – by exposing the darker latewood beneath the surface layer of the softer wood, wire brushes add extra complexity by highlighting the grain – this is done to enhance the visual appeal of the boards.
  • High pressure treated – IRO is kept in a depressurized holding tank that removes the air from the timber cells. This allows the preservative treatment to be applied in its stead, making it further shielded against rot and insect attack.
  • Kiln dried – to eliminate any remaining surface moisture, the cladding is then subjected to a further kilning procedure. This is crucial to ensure the protective cream bonds to the surface.
  • Coated in wood cream – a wood cream is then applied, giving the timber cladding its brilliant colour, UV stability, and water-repellent qualities. The protective wood cream causes water to pearl on the surface rather than seep into the material!


In the last stage of the manufacturing process, the cladding boards are coated in wood cream which has added UV stabilizer, so that you can enjoy their rich colour for years to come as they will be protected from long-term UV degradation.


During the final stage of the production, a wood cream coat is applied to the cladding which gives it a water repelling quality – this causes the water to pearl on the surface, making it hydrophobic.


IRO timber cladding boasts a self-cleaning surface that ensures any dust or dirt can just be washed away. We recommend that you clean the boards with a hose and a sponge. Please note that under no circumstances may the timber cladding be cleaned or maintained with a high-pressure washer. To restore the cladding to its original state, simply apply the appropriate wood cream (according to the colour you have chosen).


The timber wall cladding range is sustainably sourced, and it has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. It is 100% eco-friendly and HVOC-free, so you can have the peace of mind that IRO is dedicated to enhancing both your living area and the environment. IRO also helps to create greener settings because of its low embodied energy.


IRO’s timber cladding can make any outdoor space more classic or modern, depending on how it is applied. It provides a diverse and luxurious colour palette, suitable for any project. There are 10 colours in total that offer a smooth, glossy finish:

All these rich colours are guaranteed to add charm and beauty to your outdoor space!

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