Geotextile Membranes

Woven Geotextiles are made from 100% polypropylene or polyester and have long been specified by marine engineers, civil engineers and landscape contractors for use in stabilising soil and aggregate layers.


Woven Geotextiles are ideal for soil separation and stabilising, particularly useful when constructing soakaway systems. They are also commonly used for the reinforcement of aggregate layers beneath roads and tracks, providing a separating layer which prevents ruts from forming.

Drainage Sales woven membranes are available in full rolls (4.5m x 100m) or by the metre.

Non Woven membranes offer excellent rates of drainage and filtration, and hence are Ideal for wrapping the outer faces of water crates and land drains used for soakaway purposes.

Other uses include soil stabilisation, retaining walls, road sub-bases and construction works, filtration systems and ground reinforcement.

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  1. Geotextile Membrane Non Woven - 4.5mtr x 100mtr Roll
    1. Code GEOTEXNW
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    £181.90 £218.28
  2. Geotextile Membrane - 4.5mtr x 100mtr Roll
    1. Code GEOTEX
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    £144.45 £173.34
  3. Geotextile Membrane - 4.5mtr Wide Per Metre
    1. Code GEOTEXM
    2. Brand PBSL Group
    £4.39 £5.27
  4. Geotextile Protection Fleece 2mtr x 50mtr Roll
    1. Code TNW300D
    2. Brand TCS Geotechnics
    £321.00 £385.20
  5. Geotextile Protection Fleece 4.5mtr x 100mtr Roll
    1. Code TNW3000
    2. Brand TCS Geotechnics
    £571.79 £686.15
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6 Items