Gutter Hoppers

A gutter hopper is an ornamental yet functional component of the guttering system that connects the gutters to the downpipe. It is used to increase water flow when there is heavy rainfall, allowing the downpipes to reach full capacity and therefore enabling high volumes of water to be diverted.

Our gutter hopper range is available in a wide variety of materials, including plain uPVC, cast iron, steel and more.

What does a gutter hopper do?

Guttering hoppers serve two purposes, both aesthetic and function.

Firstly, they give an ornamental finish to the roofline. Inspired by the original design of traditional Victorian gutter hoppers, our rainwater hoppers offer the perfect decorative finish for rooflines, particularly for vintage or period properties.

But while they do look nice, gutter hoppers also serve a vital purpose for the roofline, too. In conditions of heavy rain, downpipes generally run to a capacity of around one-third full, but the hopper allows the downpipe to divert much larger volumes of water and reach full capacity. It also enables multiple gutter runs to divert to a single downpipe, meaning that fewer downpipes are required across the property.

How does a rainwater hopper work?

Guttering hoppers work as a temporary water storage vessel during conditions of heavy rain, increasing water flow.

How Does A Hopper Work

They fill with rainwater, creating a siphonic system and allowing for a constant flow of water through the downpipe. This also prevents the gutters from clogging.

Water Flow In Gutter Hoppers

How to fit a gutter hopper

Fitting a gutter hopper is easy – it doesn’t even require sealant or adhesive! It simply fits into the downpipe and creates a seal itself.

To view our full installation guide for guttering systems, click here.

If you have any questions about our gutter hopper range, make sure to take a look at our guides and tips articles. You can also contact our friendly team for assistance – we’re always happy to help!

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