Hollow Soffit Boards - 10mm Black Ash

As with all of our PVC Hollow Soffit colours, the Black Ash range is available in a 300mm wide tongue and groove profile. Ideally coupled either with our Black Ash PVC Fascia Boards or our Black Ash PVC Cover Boards these hollow soffit boards provide a good quality, resilient finish at an excellent price. 

Black Ash is an ever popular colour option for fascia and soffit, with an understated woodgrain finish that adds interest to the eaves detail. Black also does a good job of hiding the particles of dirt and cobwebs that form below the roof level over time.

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  1. Hollow Soffit Board - 300mm x 10mm x 5mtr Black Ash Woodgrain
    1. Code H300WB
    2. Brand FloPlast
    3. Size 300mm
    £28.08 £33.70
  2. Hollow Soffit H Trim - 5mtr Black Ash Woodgrain
    1. Code HHWB
    2. Brand FloPlast
    £14.09 £16.91
  3. Hollow Soffit J Trim - 5mtr Black Ash Woodgrain - OUT OF STOCK
    OUT OF STOCK - item will be despatched when stock is received.
    1. Code HJWB
    2. Brand FloPlast
    £13.56 £16.27
  4. Plastic Headed Pins - 40mm Black - Box of 250
    1. Code TT40BK
    2. Brand Seac
    3. Size 40mm
    £14.88 £17.86
  5. Silicon 700T Fast Neutral Cure - 300ml Black
    1. Code 700TBK
    2. Brand Everbuild
    £6.79 £8.15
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5 Items