Copper Gutter

Copper guttering is a premium choice for homeowners who want a beautiful and durable gutter system. Copper is a naturally occurring metal that is known for its rich colour and resistance to corrosion. With proper care, these gutters can last for centuries and they develop a unique patina over time that adds to their beauty.

Our selection of copper gutters is crafted by Coppa Gutta, the leading manufacturer of metal rainwater systems in the UK. We offer these systems in a variety of styles, including half round, ogee, and box section, all available in standard and large sizes. Additionally, we offer a curated range of architectural feature products to enhance your installation.

PLEASE NOTE: Coppa Gutta products are made to order so lead times vary. Delivery times of our copper gutter ranges are taking 10+ working days.

What Are The Benefits of Copper Guttering?

  • Long lasting durability: Copper is one of the most durable metals used for gutters, and it can last for centuries with proper care.
  • Corrosion resistance: Copper is naturally resistant to corrosion, so it is less likely to rust or rot than other types of gutters.
  • Low maintenance: Copper guttering requires very little maintenance, and it can be easily cleaned with soap and water. The copper material's property acts as a mild algaecide, reducing moss and lichen growth.
  • Aesthetic appearance: Copper gutters have a classic and elegant appearance that can add value to your home.
  • Eco-friendly: All of our copper gutters are 100% recyclable.

Read our guides and tips article to learn more about the key benefits of copper gutters.

How to Install Copper Guttering

Copper gutters can be installed by a professional or by a DIYer with some experience. If you are installing the guttering yourself, be sure to follow our dedicated installation guide carefully. Please note, joints are required in order to join the lengths of gutter, corners and running outlets.

Copper Gutter Care and Maintenance

Copper gutters require very little maintenance, but they should still be cleaned semi-regularly to remove dirt and debris. You can clean your copper gutters with soap and water.

Follow our detailed cleaning guide to find out more information.

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