Anthracite Grey Guttering

Anthracite grey guttering is the latest colour to be added to most of our guttering ranges. Anthracite grey is becoming ever more popular in comtemporary construction and fits perfectly with slate roofing on modern properties. Here at Gutter Supplies, we stock 6 styles of anthracite grey gutters; half round, square, ogeedeepflow and extruded aluminium beaded half round.

Styles Of Anthracite Grey Guttering

Half Round: a 112mm wide gutter that is easy to install and works well against all types of house styles and roof finishes.

Square: a 114mm wide squareline system with a greater flow capacity than standard half round.

Large Square: a squareline 135mm system manufactured by Galeco, perfect for larger sized residential properties and smaller commerical buildings.

Ogee: a 110mm wide stylish alternative to regular half round and square rainwater systems for residential applications. 

Deepflow: a 115mm wide gutter for use on residential properties with larger or steeper roofs.

Extruded Aluminium Beaded Half Round: available in both 114mm and 125mm profiles to suit a range of property sizes and features a decorative bead on either side of the profile.

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