Soil and Waste

Our Soil and Waste systems are manufactured in the UK by FloPlast in one of Europe’s most technologically advanced factories. The result is a high quality product that is tough and durable, yet lightweight and simple to install.

Our most popular range is our Ring Seal Push Fit 110mm System. This system is the most commonly used type of soil pipe in both domestic and commercial applications. It has a high gloss finish, it is compatible with all BS Approved Drainage systems and it is simple to install.

We also stock a fully solvent weld system which is can be used domestically or in commercial situations as it offers resistance to ultra violet light and most inorganic acids and alkalis. It is also resistant to boiling water (Ring Seal systems are also resistant to boiling water in short discharges of less than two minutes, which is more than sufficient for domestic applications). A full range of push fit wastesolvent weld wastetraps and WC pan connectors completes the line up for our Soil and Waste systems.


Our Push-Fit Soil and Waste systems are available in White, Black and Grey.

The Solvent Soil system is made in Black and Olive Grey, which is slightly darker than the standard Grey colour. Waste Pipes are available in a range of sizes in Black, White and Grey.


Both of our Soil Pipe systems, ring seal and solvent weld, are made from durable PVC-U.

Our solvent weld waste systems are made from ABS Plastic. Air Admittance Valves are made from PVC-U and ABS. Our push fit waste, traps and pan connectors are all made from Polypropylene.


Our Soil and Waste System is fully compatible with our Underground Drainage System. It can also be joined to most other systems that are manufactured to British/European Standard. Connections can be made to Cast Iron and Clay Pipes using the SP140 adaptor.


All of our Soil and Waste systems are manufactured to British/European Standard and are Kitemarked. They are also manufactured under ISO 9001 approved procedures.


Please click here to view or print our detailed Soil Stack Installation Guide.

It is good practice to begin the installation at ground level, working up the soil stack.

Pipes should be held in place by brackets at 2m intervals vertically, and 1m intervals for horizontal pipe runs.

Push-fit joints should be made using silicon lubricant to facilitate the joint. The pipe should be inserted fully into the joint and then withdrawn 10mm to allow for any possible expansion.

When making solvent weld joints, both the pipe and fitting should be clean and free from swarf or dust. Apply solvent weld to both surfaces, then push together and twist to ensure the solvent comes into contact with all parts of the joint. Wipe off any excess solvent using a cloth. The joint will set within five minutes and can be safely handled at that point, but you should ideally allow twelve hours before testing the installation.

We recommend that ABS and Polypropylene waste pipes be protected with exterior gloss paint when installed externally – this is true of all ABS and polypropylene systems regardless of manufacturer. PVC-U Soil and Waste Pipes require no additional protection.

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