Inspection and Cleaning

It’s important that the soakaway remains clean in order to ensure high performance – we recommend that your soakaway is designed to allow for both inspection and cleaning of the tank. 

Whatever the soakaway design there are a number of best practices which we would recommend in order to keep soakaway performance as efficient as possible.


For best practices, a silt trap is always recommended as a pre-filter, emptying the filter on a regular basis will maintain the efficiency of the soakaway and greatly increase its lifespan.

The silt trap needed depends on the size of your soakaway. We have options that are perfect for small to medium size soakaway systems as well as large tanks or where there will be heavy silt and sand. These traps will prevent 99% of all sediment from entering the drainage and storage system. 

For more intormation on silt traps watch our introduction video or download the Silt Sentinel brochure as a PDF.


Engineers and designers have concerns of possible sediment and silt build-up over time, and the lack of ability of the modular system to be” flushed out”. Our soakaway designs will also feature at least one access chamber and linear access through a channel within the tank installation as a means of cleaning.

For installation ensure that one channel (which the drainage pipe will feed into) is wrapped in an additional layer of non-permeable geotextile membrane (on the bottom and up the sides but not on top). Water will be able to feely move out of this channel (through the membrane) but the membrane will stop any unwanted sediment from dispersing into the main tank.

This channel can then be accessed via an inspection chamber. From this inspection chamber you will then be able to feed a jet spray in to the channel in order to clear out and/or suck up any unwanted residue.

For more information about cleaning your soakaway check out our article on how to avoid a blocked soakaway or give us a call about your specific project so that we can see how we can help.

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