PVC Guttering

Gutter Supplies offers a wide range of PVC guttering systems in various colours and profiles. You can choose from Half-Round, Square, Ogee, Deepflow, Mini, and Industrial. Our colours include Black, White, Brown, Grey, Anthracite Grey, and Cast Iron Effect, which has a textured finish. We also provide downpipes, hoppers, outlets, and other drainpipe fittings to suit your needs. Our PVC guttering systems are high quality and durable. They have a high gloss colour finish with a smooth surface that resists weathering and fading. They are also low maintenance, requiring only a simple wash with soapy water once or twice a year.

PVC Guttering Types and Benefits

PVC guttering is a popular choice for rainwater drainage systems, as it is durable, affordable, and easy to install. PVC guttering comes in different shapes and sizes to suit different needs and preferences. Here are some of the common types of PVC guttering and their benefits:

PVC Half-Round Guttering

PVC half-round guttering is a classic and simple style that fits well with any house design and roof finish. It is 112mm wide and has a good flow capacity. It is also compatible with most manufacturers, which makes it ideal for replacements and repairs. If you need a higher flow capacity, you can opt for our Deepflow profile.

PVC Square Guttering

PVC square guttering is a modern and sleek style that gives your home or building a contemporary look. It is 114mm wide and has a higher flow capacity than standard half-round guttering. It is also a good option for areas with above-average rainfall, as it can handle more water. For larger residential or smaller commercial buildings, you can choose our PVC large square guttering, which is 135mm wide in black or galeco grey.

PVC Ogee Guttering

PVC ogee guttering is a stylish and decorative style that adds an elegant touch to your home or building. It has a traditional ‘s’ curved shape that enhances its appearance and maximises its flow capacity. It is 110mm wide and one of the highest capacity guttering systems available.

PVC Deepflow Guttering

PVC Deepflow guttering is a practical and efficient style that works well for residential properties with larger or steeper roofs. It is 115mm wide and has a deeper profile than standard guttering. It can handle more water than standard PVC guttering, which reduces the risk of overflow and leakage.

PVC Industrial Guttering

PVC industrial guttering is a robust and reliable style that is suitable for large commercial, industrial, and agricultural buildings. It is 170mm wide and has a very high flow capacity. It can easily manage the increased volume of rainwater that collects on large roof areas.

PVC Mini Guttering

PVC mini guttering is a practical and economical system that is suitable for sheds, greenhouses, lean-to roofs, summer houses, and bay windows. It is 76mm wide and has a good flow capacity for small roof areas. It is easy to install and maintain, which saves you time and money.

PVC Cast Iron Effect Guttering

PVC cast iron effect guttering is a modern system that mimics the traditional appearance of cast iron. It has a stylish design that can transform any property and make it look impressive. It also has all the benefits of PVC, such as durability, affordability, and easy installation.

Why Choose Our PVC Guttering Systems from FloPlast?

Our PVC guttering systems have easy-fit clips that wrap around the gutter fittings and make fast and secure joints. You can easily remove or adjust the clips if needed. The gutter unions have extra wide seals that allow the gutter system to expand and contract with temperature changes. The gutter fittings have guide marks that show you where to place the gutter inside.

Our PVC guttering systems are manufactured by FloPlast, a market-leading supplier. They are BS-approved and Kitemarked, which means they meet the highest standards of quality and performance. They also come with a minimum 10-year colour guarantee, or 20 years for our cast iron effect systems. This is an industry-leading warranty that gives you peace of mind.

Many of our PVC guttering systems are interchangeable with other UK manufacturers. You can check our compatibility chart in the Guides and Tips section for more information. Take a look at our UPVC Fascias and soffits and PVC Cladding, which complement our rainwater systems and will provide you with the ideal roofline finish.

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