Do I Need A Fascia Bracket On Either Side Of A Fitting?

The only fittings that need to be supported by a fascia bracket are gutter angles and stop ends. These should be supported by a bracket positioned within 150mm (6) of the fitting.

In the case of gutter angles, a fascia bracket should be installed within 150mm of each side of the corner to prevent any sagging - the only exception being where there is only a short run of gutter on either side of the angle.

Outlets and Unions 

Running outlets, stopend outlets and gutter unions have integral fixing lugs for screwing the fitting directly to the fascia board. There is therefore no need to install any additional fascia brackets alongside these fittings.

Supporting Downpipe Fittings

It is also good practice to support downpipe fittings such as bends and shoes with a downpipe clip. You should always install a downpipe clip directly below any swan neck. Pipe clips should also be installed at 1.8m intervals vertically to support the downpipe.