Push Fit Plastic Plumbing - FloFit+

FloFit+ pushfit pipes and fittings are a suitable plumbing system for domestic and small commercial installations.

As an alternative for speedfit fittings, the FloFit+ system works for both hot and cold-water installation, with coloured red and blue clips to allow easy identification of each.

Faster, easier and more cost effective, the FloFit+ range consists of 15mm, 22mm and sizes. These fittings are suitable for use with copper push fit and brass push fit systems

Push Fit Plumbing Applications

This push fit system has been designed to work for a number of hot and cold-water applications, such as central heating systems, underfloor heating systems and both vented and unvented hot and cold-water systems.

Push Fit Benefits and Features

FloFit+ push fit tap connectors and fittings are an ideal option for cabling pipe through difficult to access areas. They boast a whole host of benefits such as:

  • Non-toxic and lead free 10mm to 28mm push fit pipe
  • Long term durability with lightweight handling
  • Easy installation and reduced water hammer noise
  • Great thermal resistance to freezing

Components, Design and Materials

Whether you choose 10mm, 15mm, 22mm or 28mm sizes, each of the FloFit+ push fit fittings consist of a polybutylene body, nylon cap, an acetal collet (grip ring) containing stainless steel grip teeth, an Ethylene Propylene Die Monomer (EPDM) O-ring, Acetal retaining ring and an Acetal collet clip. The pipe passes through the collet and O-ring once inserted into the socket, and this creates a tight seal.

All joints made with Polybutylene or PEX pipes must include a FloFit+ pipe insert.

All FloFit+ fittings have been tested and exceed the maximum pull out pressures specified within BS7291.


Manufactured from a high molecular weight polymer, polybutylene pipes are 5-layer barrier (EVOH)pipes used in hot water applications worldwide. These push fit pipes boast corrosion, scale and electrolysis resistance, as well as supreme high temperature pressure carrying abilities and freezing tolerance. A great alternative to metal or speed fit pipes.


FloFit+ PEX barrier pipes are manufactured from high-density polyethylene. A 5-layer barrier (EVOH) pipe, these pipes can withstand both hot and cold water. The pipe is tough yet flexible and boasts a smooth bore that prevents the build-up of limescale on the inner surface of the pipe in areas of harder water.

Chemical Resistance

FloFit+ push fit pipes and fittings are designed to be resistant to most problem chemicals in plumbing systems. The smooth polybutylene pipe and PEX systems are a deterrent for limescale in areas of hard water, corrosion in the heating system, and are able to withstand short term chlorination for the purposes of disinfection. It should be noted the pipes are not designed to be used for swimming pools or areas of high concentrations of chlorine.

The FloFit+ system can also be painted with oil or water-based paints ONLY.


FloFit+ provides a number of advantages compared to other speedfit installations thanks to its ability to be router through timber framed buildings, ceiling voids, conduit, cellars, lofts and more.

For specific installation advice, take a look at the FloFit+ Installation Guide.


We recommend that a minimum 450mm distance of copper pipe should be installed between the last solder joint and the first FloFit+ joint to ensure residual flux solder does not come in contact with the fitting.

The initial connection to plastic should be made with a compression fitting if the copper pipe is of old Imperial sizing, i.e., slightly smaller than 15mm.


The nut and olive should be passed over the end of the pipe before placing the insert in the end when used with brass compression fittings.

It should be noted that FloFit+ fittings should not be fitted or installed on chrome plated copper tube or plain brass spigot ended fittings.


All materials used in these push fit systems are accepted on the WRAS approved materials register, and additionally:

  • FloFit+ fittings are Kitemarked to BS 7291 Parts 1, 2 & 3, including ‘Class S’ (KM6062628) and WRAS approved for use with Polybutylene, PEX and copper pipes (WRAS Approval No. 2101806).
  • Both FloFit+ Polybutylene pipe and PEX pipe are Kitemarked to BS7291 Parts 1, 2 and 2 ‘Class S’ (KM36801). Polybutylene and PEX pipes are WRAS approved (WRAS Approval No. 1707604 & 2009549).
  • The FloFit+ range has been tested by “The Water Quality Centre” and complies with the recommendations of BS6920 Part 1 - Suitability of non-metallic products for use in contact with water for human consumption, regarding its effect on the water quality.
  • The system is available in 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 28mm diameters compatible with all plastic plumbing systems conforming to BS 7291 and copper pipe to BS EN 1057. 

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