Storage Of Your Products

We send all products wrapped in protective packaging to avoid damage. For smaller items such as fittings this is usually a box, for any long lengths of product this will be bubble wrap or film wrap, depending upon the level of protection required.

We would always advise that any type of PVC or ABS building product is immediately stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight to avoid damage due to heat buildup within the packaging. Any extrusions (lengths of product) should be stored horizontally and supported along the whole length of the product. In warm summer temperatures heat will always build up inside any packaging and there is a chance that PVC goods left in the sun and not correctly supported could become warped - this is particularly relevant to dark colours of PVC Gutters.

Once gutters have been correctly installed, heat build up is dealt with via natural expansion and contraction, which is a feature of all PVC gutter systems - all fittings feature insertion depth marks to ensure that performance is unaffected.

Please note that where we believe goods have not been correctly stored or have been left in the sun we cannot be held responsible for any damage that has occured. All goods should be checked on delivery and any damages should be reported immediately.