Cast Iron Gutter

Cast Iron gutters have been the material of choice for guttering systems since Victorian times. Elegant and strong, Hargreaves Cast Iron Guttering when correctly maintained has a minimum life expectancy of 40 years, and probably much longer.

Our Cast Iron Gutter is forged by Hargreaves Foundry and we are among their lead suppliers throughout all of the UK. Hargreaves are a traditional foundry based in the north of England who are the UK market leaders in Cast Iron Rainwater products and all products are manufactured to BS460. Cast Iron Gutters are available in most ranges in either factory-finished Gloss Black or in a transit primer to enable you to paint the gutter in a colour of your own choice.

If you have any questions regarding our cast iron range or have architectural drawings you'd like us to review and give advice on, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!


Key features are as follows:

  • The system is manufactured in the UK to BS460:1964
  • Black Painted or Grey Transit Primer Finish available
  • Minimum 40-year life expectancy when correctly installed
  • Wide choice of profiles - Half RoundBeaded Half RoundBox SectionDeepflow and three different decorative Ogee designs
  • Three standard sizes of cast iron downpipes are available to choose from: 65mm (2 1/2"), 75mm (3") and 100mm (4")
  • Superb range of Ornamental Hopper Heads Available.


Cast Iron is an exceptionally strong and durable material - many original installations from the Victorian era are still in existence in the UK, particularly around London and the north of England. When correctly maintained, it will outlast all rival products that are made from other materials.

As Cast Iron is synonymous with tradition, it lends itself exceptionally well to period style properties from one-off houses to Victorian-style terraces. It is also the first choice of guttering material for listed buildings, so much so that many planning officers will not accept any substitute materials. As iron is a natural material it is also totally recyclable - combine this fact with the tremendously long lifespan of this material and cast iron can rightly be viewed as a very green material. 


When connecting to other existing Cast Iron systems, the method of jointing on the old system needs to be checked, as some original castings had external joints and some were internal. If in any doubt, email us an image of the joint and include the sizes and we will advise you on the best way of making the joint.

Most PVC Gutter manufacturers include adaptors to half round cast iron as a standard part of their range. These adaptors usually feature a rubber seal that is compressed to make a watertight joint by tightening a PVC strap, usually with a nut and bolt assembly. Adaptors to Cast Iron Ogee are also available, these connect the metal to the PVC gutter via a nut and bolt through the actual gutter section and utilise silicone sealant to make the joint. 


All Gutter Supplies Cast Iron Gutters and Downpipes are supplied in 1830mm lengths, with pre-drilled holes that allow nut, bolt and silicone fixing. 

Full Installation instructions that can be easily followed on site are available to download here in PDF format. 

Alternatively, if you simply wish to read more about this type of guttering prior to making a purchase we have compiled a range of articles to help you with your decision. Please click here to read our top tips for purchasing cast iron gutters and our article on the features and benefits.

Please visit our Guide & Tips section for more product reviews and comparison, videos and PDF instructions.


Our Cast Iron Gutter systems do require some ongoing maintenance. This maintenance is very straightforward and uncomplicated and is only needed once a year. 

  • Check gutters are not blocked and remove any debris with a brush
  • Check fittings and brackets are secure
  • Check the paint finish is showing no signs of rust. If there is, sand down area to bare metal, clean, dry and apply touch up paint
  • Check there are no leaks, where the gutters joint other lengths or fittings with a visual inspection


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