Cast Iron Mech 416 Soil System

Our Mech 416 cast iron soil system by leading cast iron manufacturer Hargreaves is a fit-and-forget range of socketless pipes and fittings ideal for above ground soil and waste installations.

Offering a modern solution to traditional soil systems, Mech 416 is incredibly sustainable – known to last in excess of 100 years, the material can be fully recycled at the end of its lifetime.

Mech 416 is often chosen for repair and extension projects due to the simple and reliable couplings, and the advanced jointing techniques can save time and money when it comes to labour.

Manufactured in matt black two-part epoxy coating and to BS 416 (part 2), the system boasts all the benefits of a conventional socket and spigot cast iron system such as strength and longevity, but also requires no sound insulation unlike other soil systems.

Benefits of the Mech 416 System

The Mech 416 mechanically jointed soil system benefits from a range of enhanced features and advantages such as:

  • Compatible with wide range of systems – The Mech 416 system is compatible with all BS 416 with the exception of the 70mm diameter.
  • Quick, stylish and efficient – The coupling and jointing method is simple, and the two-part black matt epoxy resin is durable and stylish, providing a high level of performance.
  • Lightweight – The Mech 416 system is lightweight and easy to handle whilst retaining the traditional qualities of cast iron.
  • Cost effective – The lifespan of cast iron materials makes them an incredibly cost-efficient option over the years. Similarly, the easy fitting can save time and money on labour costs.
  • Low maintenance – Cast iron is a low maintenance material, but the strength and improved surface coatings on the Mech 416 System delivers a fit and forget solution in most installations.
  • Low noise operation – Wastewater systems can often create excessive noise due to the materials they’re manufactured from being low density. Cast iron is incredibly dense, and reduces the sound of the water flow, which is much more appropriate in certain settings.
  • Safety and fire resistance - Cast iron has a higher melting point than PVCu or PE piping, and will not emit any toxic fumes or gases in the event of a fire, making it an incredibly safe option for public installations.

Typical Mech 416 Soil System Applications

The Mech 416 system is often used for repair or extension projects due to the easy fitting capabilities of the couplings. Some common settings that use Mech 416 include:

  • Refurbishment projects
  • Public buildings, hospitals and schools
  • Apartment and hotel developments
  • Offices and commercial units
  • Retail buildings and car parks

Please Note: some castings within the Mech416 and TX product ranges have "EN877" markings cast onto them. Whilst the castings are dimensionally common with some of the EN877 Halifax range of products, these products are outside the scope of the BBA Agrement and BSI Kitemark certifications.

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