Aluminium Fascia and Soffit

Aluminium fascia and soffit has grown to be a more and more popular substitute for the widely used PVC goods in recent years. Their sleek and modern design makes them the ideal complement to a wide range of contemporary constructions. Aluminium fascia and soffits offer many of the same benefits as PVC, such as being lightweight and requiring little maintenance, in addition to having some distinguishing features like corrosion resistance and a 30-year lifespan.

Our aluminium soffit and fascia are available in white, anthracite grey, and black to accommodate a range of applications.

How to handle and store aluminium products

We are mindful that many projects call for the ordering of supplies in advance, meaning they might not be used for several days or even weeks after they arrive on site. Several safety precautions should be followed in this situation to prevent harm to the aluminium fascia and soffit boards. Due to their polyester powder coating, all aluminium products must be handled carefully. Before installation, they should also be placed on racks and covered to prevent scratches and uneven oxidation. The protective polyethylene covering that surrounds each length of our aluminium fascia and soffit will need to be removed prior to installation.

Aluminium fascia and soffit maintenance

Overall, relatively little maintenance is required to maintain the fashionable appearance and good condition of aluminium fascia and soffits. We advise checking the fitted boards on your property three to four times a year to make sure all the fasteners are still in place and to make any necessary repairs, just like you would with any other fascia or guttering system. To keep the colour of the boards, you should only need to wash down your roofline with clean water once a year, or twice a year if your home is near a port or industrial area.

Does aluminium fascia last longer than PVC?

Our aluminium fascia and soffit materials, as previously noted, have a life expectancy of 30 years when fitted properly, but they can last substantially longer if maintained well over their operational life. On the other hand, PVC fascia and soffits have a 20-year life expectancy.

Installation tips for aluminium fascia and soffit

Remember that while installing aluminium fascia and soffits, all seams between lengths and trims must be sealed using ARP's abrosil sealer, and connections must be secured with 5mm x 25mm stainless steel screws, where necessary, and at 600mm centres on lengths.

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