Why Is My Old Fascia Damp And Rotten?

If your old timber fascia is damp or rotten, one or more of the weatherproofing elements at the eaves has broken down. Check for the following problems, in order of the most likely scenarios;

  1. The sarking felt, which is the bottom course of felt, has failed. This happens commonly over time. Strip back the tiles and replace with new felt, DPC and our PVC Eaves Protection System.
  2. The sarking felt has become trapped behind the gutter. Check that is still robust and strong, and if it is still fit for purpose re-dress the felt into the guttering.
  3. One or more tiles or slates have slipped at the eaves. Re-fix or replace the items in question.
  4. The tiles or slates do not project far enough into the gutter, causing rain to run back behind the gutter and down the fascia. Re-position the tiles or slates so that they project between half way and two thirds of the way into the gutter.
  5. The roof is not adequately ventilated, causing a build up of condensation. In this scenario other symptoms are likely to have been visible, such as damp spots on the wall or ceiling. You should take professional advice on the best way of introducing air flow into the roof. Option include Over Fascia Vent or ventilated soffits.

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