Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is an innovative and modern product which combines real recycled wood and plastic to create a long-lasting and low maintenance alternative to timber. 

Due to the mixture of wood and plastic, the composite fencing range is more resistant to weather conditions, much like our composite decking. That means its longevity surpasses any pure wood version. With a life expectancy of a minimum of 20 years, the likelihood of needing to replace the fence panels over their lifetime is significantly cut down. 

Can you attach fence panels to an existing fence?

This new material can either be retrofit between existing concrete posts or can be used in a fully composite system, which makes for a very easy upgrade. The composite fencing panels are lightweight, making their installation quick and labour-saving. There are 3 main methods used to install composite fencing 

  • Into ground or grass  
  • Onto concrete foundation or brick wall  
  • Retrofit – Into existing concrete posts  

For more information on how to install composite fences check out our installation guide. 

Cost & Maintenance  

WPC fencing is a worthwhile investment for both residential and commercial properties. Even though it can be more costly than traditional fence prices, it is self-sustaining, long-lasting and with a minimal need for maintenance. Our recommendation for composite fencing’s upkeep is to clean it once or twice a year, using either:  

  • An all-purpose cleaner OR 
  • A high-pressure cleaner (e.g., jet wash) 

Composite Fence Board Colours 

The composite fencing range is now available in five striking colours, guaranteed to suit any home or establishment. The modern boards are dual-sided and come in:  

  • Charcoal – the darkest colour option, which is perfect for those looking to create a present-day boundary  
  • Graphite - a popular choice within both domestic and commercial customers due to its stylish finish  
  • Walnut – the most favoured choice, providing customers with a rich dark brown earthy tone

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