Composite Decking

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Double-faced decking embraces new technology by bringing you a wood-like aesthetic that is more environmentally friendly and easier to install than traditional materials. Designed to be self-sustaining, it is the recommended material to be used for both private use and public projects. It is commonly found in private homes and gardens, outside restaurant areas, camping parks, caravan grounds and promenades.

Click here to watch our short informational video outlining the features and benefits of WPC Decking as opposed to traditional wood decking. We also have a quick and easy to digest infographic about the benefits of using WPC Decking.


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Also known as composite decking, the composition of this decking solution are bespoke combinations of plastic and wood: usually 45% timber fibres, 55% HDPE and additives; the mix of plastic with wood mimics the aesthetic of traditional decking with the practicalities of modern materials.


While it is more expensive than traditional timber, it is considered an investment, as it is self-sustaining with minimal upkeep; to maintain the product it needs occasional washes with soapy water and monitoring for debris. WPC decking can be installed at any time of the year (although manufacturers advice you to do so during the spring).


The WPC Decking boards we offer are double faced, which replicate the woodgrain and grooved aesthetic of regular timber in a way that is less hazardous than traditional decks and with easier maintenance.  This characteristic is what has seen its growth in popularity, mainly due the durability provided by the high plastic containment in the product, which is particularly effective against fading, staining, scratching and mould. Please note however, the Storm Decking Step Boards are only available in a grooved finish.

Additionally, the manufacturer uses recycled materials and products from maintained resources in many of its WPC decking options.

Our supplier offers a 10 year-guarantee on all WPC decking products, as well as various colour, design and lengths.


WPC decking is a worthy investment for any space. While it might be more costly than traditional decks, it is virtually self-sustaining after initial installation, with minimal need for replacements, upkeep, and less overall cost for these.

Please note that basic maintenance of monitoring for debris and washing with soapy water is required to reach the decking’s full lifespan.

To view a downloadable installation sheet for WPC decking, click here.


Our expansive range of decking is made up of eight unique colours, each of which we offer in varying styles. Below is a guide to which styles are available for each colour.

Style Brown Black Teak Natural Grey Charcoal Sierra Khaya
Estandar (Double Faced - Sanded & Grooved)
Deuto (Double Faced - Woodgrain & Narrow Grooved)
Storm (Double Faced - Woodgrain & Grooved)
Mineral Composite (Single Faced - Woodgrain)

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