PortaFuel and StoraFuel - Diesel Tanks

We offer PortaFuel and StoraFuel diesel storage tanks from Atlantis Tanks, who are amongst the top-quality band of manufactures for storage tanks in the UK. This range features steel, plastic bunded and pollicube fuel tanks in a variety of capacity options ranging from 230 litres all the way up to 2450 litres, so whether you’re planning a domestic or commercial application we’re confident we’ll have the ideal tank for you.

What Is A Bunded Tank?

A bunded tank is essentially a tank within another tank, creating a double layer between the contents stored in the tank and the outside. This means that the oil or fuel stored inside is highly protected and would need to break through two layers before it could become an issue, which also makes them more environmentally friendly than single skin tanks.

How Long Do Fuel Tanks Last?

Atlantis’s StoraFuel tanks come in a variety of configurations, each one featuring a different guarantee on the tank itself and the pump as follows:

  • Bunded Plastic Diesel Fuel Tanks – 12 year tank & 1 year pump guarantee.
  • Pollicube Diesel Fuel Tanks – 2 year tank & 1 year pump guarantee.
  • Bunded Steel Diesel Fuel Tank Dispensers – 10 year tank & 1 year pump guarantee.
  • Bunded Steel Diesel Portable Fuel Tanks – 5 year tank & 1 year pump guarantee.

Each tank and pump can of course last longer than its manufacturer guarantee.

Is It Better To Store Fuel In Metal Or Plastic?

While both plastic and metal tanks are suitable for the storage of fuels, each has its own advantages. Plastic tanks are far lighter than their metal counterparts, making them easier to manoeuvre and transport. Metal tanks however are more durable and resistant to potential environmental damage.

How Long Does Diesel Last In A Storage Tank?

Diesel fuel stored in a tank will last between six months and a year if stored under cool conditions before it needs to be treated with additives such as biocides and fuel stabilisers

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  1. PortaFuel Diesel Portable Tank - AdBlue Pollicube 230 Litre
    1. Code ADBP230
    2. Brand Atlantis Tanks
    3. Capacity 230 Litres
    £778.36 £934.03
  2. Advanced Tank Filter Pack
    1. Code ACTFKA
    2. Brand Atlantis Tanks
    £69.48 £83.38
  3. Diesel Tank Digital Flow Metre
    1. Code ACFMDA1
    2. Brand Atlantis Tanks
    £192.18 £230.62
  4. Apollo Visual Tank Contents Gauge
    1. Code GAAPVI
    2. Brand Atlantis Tanks
    £172.81 £207.37
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