Deepflow Guttering Vs. Standard Half Round Guttering

What guttering profile you should choose depends on the type of project you undertake, the building specifications and also environmental conditions.

For most houses a standard half round gutter will do the job, but if you have a large or steep roof, or live in an area with frequent heavy rainfall, then deepflow gutters are the right choice.

Despite having a similar width, deepflow systems can carry up to twice the water volume that a standard half round system can. Our video below explains the two profiles side by side and will help you decide which options is best for you.

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                         Width                             Depth

Standard      112mm                            52mm

Deep flow    115mm                            75mm


The deep flow gutter can carry double the volume of water compared with the standard guttering system.

The installation process is exactly the same as the standard guttering system, for an installation video guide, please click here.

The deep flow is available in 5 colours: black, white, brown, grey and cast iron effect.