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Deepflow Gutter

We also stock Deepflow in Cast Iron Effect for a more traditional look that still maintains all the benefits of plastic guttering in high capacity deepflow.

Features of Deepflow Gutter

  • A semi-elliptical profile
  • High capacity-ideal for large roof areas
  • Pre-fitted gutter seal retaining clip system for fast user friendly installation
  • High flow rate means less outlets and less drainage runs
  • Both 65mm Square downpipes and 68mm Round downpipes can be connected to gutter system
  • System is covered by a BSI Kitemark - no. KM501316

Capacity of Deepflow Gutters

The carrying capacity of any gutter system is determined not only by its size, but also by the position of the rainwater downpipes in relation to the gutter and the fall to which it is laid. All gutter systems can actually be fixed level, although we would recommend that a fall of 1:600 is incorporated (this equates to approximately 1 inch in 50 feet, or 2.5cm in 15 metres in metric terms).
Floplast Deep Flow Gutter capacity varies between 2.05 litres per second (fixed level with the outlet at one end) and 5 litres per second (fixed at 1:350 with a central outlet). This is approximately twice the capacity of our half round guttering system and as such it can cope with the flow from large or particularly steep pitched domestic roofs. If required, the capacity of this system can be increased even further by the use of 80mm downpipes instead of 68mm – however the 68mm Downpipe is perfectly adequate to be used with deepflow guttering - please contact us if you require further details.

Deepflow Gutters Installation Guide

With this system we recommend that fascia brackets are installed at maximum 1.0m intervals when using standard 68mm downpipes.
For tips on gutter installation, visit the Deepflow Gutters Installation Instructions section or the Guides and Tips section where you will find videos, PDF Guides and other useful technical documentation.
If you need any other assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also find more information on the Deepflow Guttering system here.

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