Mini Gutters For Sheds & Greenhouses


Why do the timbers at the foot of most sheds and summerhouses always rot?


Because the roof doesn't have guttering fitted to it! 


Install mini guttering, just like standard guttering but made specifically for smaller structures, such as sheds and greenhouses, lean to's, carports and summerhouses.

You can find out more about Floplast's mini gutter system for sheds and greenhouses by watching our video below.

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Mini gutters are exactly the same as standard PVC half round gutters designed for houses, but are a much smaller version- so instead of being four and a half inches across the top, the mini gutter is 3 inches across the top, perfect for a shed.

The standard parts are again exactly the same as the standard PVC system but much smaller.

The system is available in black, white and brown and is straightforward to fit. For an installation guide, follow our standard PVC gutter installation guide on our website.