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Black Industrial Guttering

Gutter Supplies 170mm Xtraflo industrial guttering system is ideal for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. It is generally suitable for any building with a large roof area. The flow capacity of the system is much greater than most 150mm systems on the market. Xtra Flo Dimensions

Black Xtraflo is on the whole the most popular colour for industrial gutters. The glossy, deep finish looks equally at home on a barn conversion or an agricultural or commercial installation - it adds a touch of class to an otherwise functional part of the structure.

Xtraflo 170mm Black Gutter 4M

Code: RGX4B

£15.65 ex.VAT
From 6 reviews

Xtraflo Black Fascia Bracket

Code: RKX1B

£2.59 ex.VAT
From 4 reviews

Xtraflo Black Union Bracket

Code: RUX1B

£4.52 ex.VAT
From 7 reviews

Xtraflo Black 90° Gutter Angle

Code: RAX1B

£9.27 ex.VAT
From 3 reviews

Xtraflo Black Running Outlet Connects to 110mm Pipe

Code: ROX1B

£8.07 ex.VAT
From 5 reviews

Xtraflo Black Ext Stopend

Code: REX1B

£3.99 ex.VAT
From 5 reviews

Xtraflo Black Int Stopend

Code: REX2B

£3.80 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

Xtraflo Black Hopper

Code: RHX1B

£38.07 ex.VAT

110mm Downpipe 3m Single Socket Black

Code: SP3B

£12.73 ex.VAT
From 5 reviews

110mm Downpipe 1m Single Socket Black

Code: SP8B

£6.69 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

Coupling Double Socket Black 110mm

Code: SP105B

£3.87 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

Coupling Single Socket Black 110mm

Code: SP124B

£2.85 ex.VAT

Pipe Clip Black 110mm

Code: SP82B

£1.39 ex.VAT
From 7 reviews

Socket Clip Black 110mm

Code: SP83B

£1.81 ex.VAT
From 3 reviews

Offset Bend (Top) Black 110mm

Code: SP440B

£8.72 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

Offset Bend (Bottom) Black Soil

Code: SP435B

£7.46 ex.VAT
From 3 reviews

92.5° Bend Single Socket Black 110mm

Code: SP161B

£5.36 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

0-90°Adj.Bend Double Socket Black 110mm

Code: SP560B

£13.92 ex.VAT

135° Branch Black 110mm

Code: SP210B

£13.32 ex.VAT

92.5° Bend Double Socket Black Soil

Code: SP561B

£6.34 ex.VAT
From 3 reviews

112.5° Bend Single Socket Black 110mm

Code: SP162B

£9.12 ex.VAT

135° Bend Single Socket Black 110mm

Code: SP163B

£5.36 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

92.5° Access Bend Black Soil

Code: SP169B

£18.62 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

Access Pipe Black Soil

Code: SP274B

£10.26 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews
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