How Far Apart Should Xtraflo Brackets Be Fixed?

Because of the massive amount of rainwater that the XtraFlo Industrial Gutter System holds, it needs more support than smaller gutters. Incorrect spacing of fascia brackets can lead to sagging gutters and, at worst, the whole installation could become insecure under heavy rainfall.

The correct spacings for XtraFlo Gutter brackets are listed below below, but please note that these are he maximum spacings that we recommend - if you live in an area where heavy snowfall is a likely occurrence we would recommend that you reduce the distance between the brackets.

FloPlast Fascia Bracket Recommended Spacings

The spacings for XtraFlo Gutter Brackets are as follows;

  • XtraFlo Industrial Gutters - Brackets at 600mm Centres

Brackets should be fitted using two 5mm x 25mm screws (1 x 10). Screws can be either round head or countersunk.

How Far Apart Should Fascia Brackets Be Fixed?

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