Gutter Adaptors - Connecting Ogee To Other Systems

We are often asked how to connect Ogee Gutters to the more common Half Round and Square systems. With many semi-detached properties in the UK, gutters are often connected to neighbouring systems that vary in deisgn. Fortunately our Ogee system includes adaptors to do exactly such a job. The relevant Ogee adaptors can be found at the bottom of the chart below.

If the system that you are connecting to is not made by Floplast, you will need to identify it and check whether it is compatible with FloPlast - don't worry, most are. For further details on which systems our Floplast Gutter can be connected to please consult the compatibility table by clicking here.

For compatible gutter systems, or when connecting between various Floplast systems, these are the adaptors that you will require.

Ogee Gutter Connections

Items you will need