Mineral Composite Decking - Khaya

Manufactured by Deckorators, our mineral composite decking offers a maintenance free and long-lasting decking solution. Backed by a 25-year guarantee, mineral decking is made from revolutionary mineral-based composite technology providing 34% better surface traction traditional timber decking as well as most other composite decking brands. Each plank features a fade and stain resistant surface, will not rot, crack, chalk or sag and is fire rated.

We offer mineral composite decking in two colours, Sierra and Khaya, each of which has 140mm and 235mm plank width options available and accompanying fascia boards for covering the understructure of the deck.

What are the benefits of mineral based decking?

  • Unlike timber decking, with mineral based decking there is no potential for thermal expansion or contraction.
  • Planks are 35% lighter than most other decking composites and have a similar weight to PVC.
  • Easy to install and requires no maintenance aside from the occasional sweeping of debris.
  • Available in two widths in order to suit a wider variety of applications.
  • 25-year guarantee with a ground and water contact installation warranty.
  • No rotting, cracking or staining.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Class C fire retardant - flame spread rating of between 76 and 200.

Can mineral composite decking be used for planters?

Yes, mineral decking can be used for planters thanks to its non-moisture absorbing properties.

Will mineral decking get hot on a sunny day?

Like most other outdoor surfaces, mineral composite decking will indeed retain heat and may feel hot to touch on a particularly sunny day. This heat can be negated by cooling the surface with water or wearing appropriate footwear.

How is mineral decking fastened?

Deckorator’s mineral composite decking is fastened using stowaway hidden fasteners. These fasteners are installed in between the slotted edges of the decking planks, negating the need for any pre-drilling and automatically spacing the planks with the appropriate gap size. This removes any guesswork and creates a simpler installation process.

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