How Strong Is Plastic Guttering?

We are quite often asked how strong the plastic guttering we sell is - of course we are always happy to explain in technical terms, but truly demonstrating how tough and durable PVC can be has always been a challenge.

Inspired by the 2014 summer events of the FIFA World Cup and Wimbledon, we came up with the idea of demonstrating just how tough our plastic guttering is, by battering a length of rainwater downpipe with a football and a tennis ball!

How many attempts did it take to get a hit?

What we failed to appreciate was that it might not be quite that simple - Messi and Djokovic were otherwise engaged so we had to depend on our own ball skills, which added a little humour (and frustration!) to the test.

On a serious note, watch the video to see how strong PVC Pipe is, and how easily the ball marks cleaned off afterwards - clearly demonstrating the amazing durability and easy maintenance of Floplast uPVC guttering.