Connecting Gutters to Downpipes

Not sure exactly how the gutters Running Outlet connects to the Downpipe? The video below explains all.

  1. If your downpipe is a straight drop, it’s a straight push fit connection on to the neck of the outlet. There is no solvent or silicon required as the pipes may need to be dismantled for cleaning.
  2. If you have an offset bend or if you need to create a swan neck around your eaves, you can do one of 2 things. You can either attach the offset bend with a simple push up, or, if you need to extend the running outlet slightly, add a piece of excess downpipe then attach the offset bend with a simple push.
  3. This premise applies to any gutter system- round, square, deep flow.
  4. If you’re using a square gutter system but prefer the circular downpipe, you can use an adapter which pushes up to the neck of the outlet.
  5. With the ogee system, there is the choice of both. There is an octagonal neck to the running outlet which means a square and a circular downpipe will fit to the neck without the need for any additional adapters. 

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