Hidden Gutter

Hidden gutters, also known as concealed or built-in gutters, are a discrete and innovative solution for managing rainwater on your property. Unlike traditional external gutter systems that are visible beneath the roofline, hidden gutters are designed to be discrete and concealed from view, providing a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the building. Keep reading to learn more about hidden gutter!

How does Hidden Gutter work?

Hidden gutters work by integrating the gutter system within the structure of a building, typically along the eaves or roofline.

Design and Integration

Hidden gutter systems are carefully designed during the architectural planning phase of a building. An architect or designer works to incorporate the gutter system seamlessly into the building's structure. This integration is critical to ensure that the gutter is hidden from view and effectively collects and redirects rainwater.


During construction, the gutter is typically integrated into the roof structure and concealed within the building's exterior, often behind fascia boards or parapet walls. It runs along the eaves of the roof and is designed to slope gently to facilitate the flow of rainwater toward downspouts.

Water Collection

As rainwater flows down the roof, it is directed into the hidden gutter system through small openings or channels in the roof's edge.

Concealed Downpipes

In many hidden gutter systems, downpipes are also concealed within the building's structure, often within walls or columns. These downpipes guide the collected rainwater from the hidden gutter down into the stormwater drainage system or a designated collection area.


While hidden gutters are designed to be low-maintenance due to their concealed nature, regular inspection and cleaning are still necessary to prevent clogs or blockages. Maintenance typically involves removing debris and ensuring that the gutter system remains free flowing.

Features & benefits of Hidden Gutter

Aesthetic Appeal

Hidden gutters are the epitome of subtlety. They blend seamlessly with your building's design, preserving its architectural integrity. Say goodbye to bulky, unsightly gutter lines that disrupt the visual harmony of your home or commercial space.

Enhanced Protection

By being discreetly nestled within the structure, hidden gutters are better shielded from the elements, reducing the risk of damage from wind, debris, or extreme weather conditions. This added protection means your gutter system is more durable and requires less maintenance.

Low Maintenance

Hidden gutters are remarkably low maintenance. With fewer exposed surfaces, there are fewer places for debris to accumulate, reducing the frequency of cleaning and minimizing the risk of clogs and blockages.

Seamless Integration

These systems can be seamlessly integrated into your building's design, providing a cohesive look without compromising on functionality. They can be custom-tailored to your project's unique specifications.


Hidden gutter systems are versatile, suitable for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you're renovating an old house or planning a new construction project, they can adapt to various architectural styles and sizes.

How to install Hidden Gutter

For all the top tips on your hidden gutter installation, take a look at our guides & tips article – Galeco Hidden Gutter System Installation Guide.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the installation guide, or if you are interested in our hidden gutter system, get in touch with our team with more details of your project to see how we can help.