Half Round Gutter Running Outlet - 112mm Grey

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Code RO1G
EAN Code 5055149904172
Brand FloPlast
Colour Grey
Dimension 138mm (W) x 129mm (H) x 226mm (L)
Guarantee 5 Years Manufacturers
Material PVC-u
Specification BS EN 12200 / BS EN 607
Weight (kg) 0.241000
Size 112mm
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Our Half Round Gutter and Fittings are manufactured by UK market leaders FloPlast.

Connects to 68mm circular downpipe. For a quick overview of running outlets watch the short 1min video below. 

Running outlets are the fittings that are used to connect the guttering into the downpipes.

The gutter is clipped in on either side of the outlet, and the bottom part of the fitting is a moulded spigot that fits inside the downpipe. 

Click here to watch our short video guide on connecting outlets to downpipes. 

The connection to the downpipe is a push fit one, no adhesive is required. The position of the running outlet is generally governed by the position of existing drainage connections. However if you are designing a new system it is worth remembering that the capacity of the any gutter system is increased when outlets are positioned centrally rather than at one end of the run. 

To prevent rainwater pipes from filling up with leaves and moss and causing blockages, you should consider fitting a leaf guard inside the outlet. This simple fitting that resembles a small bird cage sits in the neck of the running outlet and catches debris that would otherwise be swept into the downpipe and hence the drainage system. It is invisible from ground level. 

If you need any further advice on how to fit your guttering, you can watch a video in our Guides and Tips section.