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White Steel Gutters


White Steel Gutters are becoming very popular across western Europe, following the growth trend that was seen in white PVC Guttering in the 1980's and 1990's. Most metal gutters including cast iron and aluminium are usually available in black or in a primer option for self-painting; powder coated finishes can be ordered in these materials but there is an extended lead time for this service. Gutter Supplies White Steel guttering is available off the shelf for next day delivery to most UK locations - our site today and yours tomorrow. Our steel gutters, featuring 70mm wide seals, fixed unions and colour matching side rafter brackets, are manufactured from quality galvanised steel sheet, rendering them impervious to the harmful acids and salts that are found in rainwater. 

Please note when comparing prices - our angles come with seals and do not require additional unions like most other systems.

Steel 135mm Gutter 3m White

Code: STAL135G3W

£15.20 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Fascia Bracket White

Code: STAL135FBW

£2.19 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Rafter Bracket White

Code: STAL135RBW

£6.06 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Gutter Union White

Code: STAL135UW

£3.93 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Gutter Union with Bracket White

Code: STAL135UBW

£5.42 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm External Stop End White

Code: STAL135SEW

£2.58 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Running Outlet White

Code: STAL135ROW

£6.44 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm External Angle 90 Deg. White

Code: STAL13590EW

£16.65 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Internal Angle 90 Deg. White

Code: STAL13590IW

£17.88 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm External Angle (adjustable) White


£19.44 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe 3m White

Code: STAL90P3W

£20.20 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe Clip with fixing White


£2.33 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Offset Bend 60 Deg. White

Code: STAL90B60W

£6.48 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Pipe Connector White

Code: STAL90SW

£4.14 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe Bend 90 Deg. White

Code: STAL90B90W

£9.74 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe Branch White


£23.38 ex.VAT

Optional Increased length screw and plug


£0.48 ex.VAT
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