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Water Butts

In our climate when both torrential rainfall and long, dry periods seem to be commonplace all across the UK, Water Butts are a must for any household or business looking to reduce the cost of their water rates whilst safeguarding the environment. Our Water Butts are available in two sizes - a standard 210 Litre butt and a slimline 100 Litre space saving version. Stands are available for both types if required.

Gutter Supplies water butts are supplied with a plastic tap and a removable lid. The butts themselves are a dark green colour, enabling them to blend in quietly with the surrounding garden area.

Installation is a simple process. Our Floplast Rain Divertors allow a connection straight from an existing rainwater pipe into the side of the water butt. These divertors, supplied in a range of colours, fit both round and square downpipes and they are also available in our MiniFlo range, enabling butts to be connected to sheds and greenhouses. For more information please take a look at our short video guide on how to fit a water butt - or if you require any further assistance with these or any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us.

Slim Space Saving Waterbutt 100 Litre

Code: WB100

£27.29 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

Standard Waterbutt 210 Litre

Code: WB200

£31.49 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

Slim Water Butt Stand

Code: ST100

£11.54 ex.VAT

Standard 210L Water Butt Stand

Code: ST200

£12.59 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

Brown Rain Diverter

Code: RVS1BR

£10.70 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

Rain Diverter White

Code: RVS1W

£10.70 ex.VAT
From 3 reviews

Rain Diverter Black

Code: RVS1B

£10.70 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

Drain Guard (Black)

Code: DG1B

£5.21 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

Miniflo Rainwater Diverter Black

Code: RVM1B

£10.40 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

Miniflo Rainwater Diverter White

Code: RVM1W

£10.40 ex.VAT

Miniflo Rainwater Diverter Brown

Code: RVM1BR

£10.40 ex.VAT

Water Butt Kit for Black Mini Gutter


£54.59 ex.VAT

Water Butt Kit for Brown Mini Gutter


£54.59 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

Water Butt Kit for White Mini Gutter


£54.59 ex.VAT
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