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Our traps are manufactured to BS EN 274 in white, high temperature polypropylene with compression type outlets that fit both plastic and copper waste pipes.

Traps are available in 32mm (1 1/4" ) and 40mm (1 1/2").

32mm P Trap -

Code: TP37

£2.84 ex.VAT

40mm P Trap -

Code: TP47

£3.40 ex.VAT

32mm S Trap -

Code: TS37

£3.97 ex.VAT

40mm S Trap -

Code: TS47

£3.97 ex.VAT

40mm Telescopic (Adjustable Height)

Code: TP47T

£5.69 ex.VAT

40mm Shallow Bath Trap - 20mm Seal

Code: TSB42

£2.87 ex.VAT

40mm Bath Trap - 50mm Seal

Code: TLB45

£4.92 ex.VAT

40mm Washing Machine Trap

Code: TW471

£4.57 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

40mm Appliance Half Trap

Code: TW472

£4.36 ex.VAT

40mm Washing Machine

Code: TW473

£5.73 ex.VAT

32mm Bottle Trap -

Code: TB37

£2.87 ex.VAT

40mm Bottle Trap -

Code: TB47

£3.94 ex.VAT

32mm Anti-Syphon Bottle Trap

Code: TB37A

£4.01 ex.VAT

40mm Anti-Syphon Bottle Trap

Code: TB47A

£4.57 ex.VAT

32mm Telescopic Bottle Trap

Code: TB37T

£3.40 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

40mm Telescopic Bottle Trap

Code: TB47T

£4.01 ex.VAT

40mm Trap Adaptor

Code: TWT41

£3.21 ex.VAT

32 x 32mm Telescopic Pedestal Trap

Code: TD372T

£6.75 ex.VAT

32 x 40mm Telescopic Pedestal Trap

Code: TD374T

£9.46 ex.VAT

40 x 50mm Shower Trap-Chrome Grid

Code: TH53

£14.49 ex.VAT

Mcalpine Shower Gully

Code: TSG1WH

£68.95 ex.VAT

32mm Flexi-Tube

Code: FT32

£7.10 ex.VAT
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