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Gutter Supplies offer a wide range of trade quality branded tools for both the generalist and the specialist. If you cannot see the product that you ae searching for then please contact us with your enquiry

If you are installing new gutters you don't actually need that many tools - but a sharp saw, an accurate spirit level, a tape measure and a screwdriver are a must. All of these items any a range of other products can be found below.

Spirit Level 250mm

Code: 1SPIRIT250

£10.36 ex.VAT

Spirit Level 600mm

Code: 1SPIRIT600

£11.00 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

Spirit Level 1000mm

Code: 1SPIRIT1000

£17.73 ex.VAT

White Rubber Mallet


£8.79 ex.VAT

Trimming Knife


£5.73 ex.VAT

Professional Saw Fine Cut 14"

Code: 1J14

£8.39 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

Hacksaw 12"

Code: 1HACK12

£9.09 ex.VAT

Trimming Knife Replacement Blade Set

Code: 1BLADE50

£3.50 ex.VAT

12 Point Socket for Cast Iron Effect Fixings


£7.49 ex.VAT

Hop Up Platform 80Cm x 30Cm

Code: 1HOP80

£46.08 ex.VAT

Hop Up Platform 90Cm x 60Cm

Code: 1HOP90

£69.83 ex.VAT

Pry Bar


£6.55 ex.VAT

Rubble Sacks

Code: 9NDC234P

£6.93 ex.VAT

Duct Tape 50mm x 50M

Code: 2MEGSV50

£7.58 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

8 x 210mm Sds+ Drill Bit

Code: UKFSDS8210

£4.24 ex.VAT

7.0 x 160mm Sds+ Drill Bit

Code: UKFSDS7160

£3.21 ex.VAT

6.5 x 160mm Sds+ Drill Bit

Code: UKFSDS65160

£3.08 ex.VAT

5.5 x 160mm Sds+ Drill Bit

Code: UKFSDS55160

£2.79 ex.VAT

8 x 120mm Masonry Drill Bits

Code: UKFMD8120

£4.47 ex.VAT

7 x 150mm Masonry Drill Bits

Code: UKFMD7150

£4.19 ex.VAT

7 x 100mm Masonry Drill Bits

Code: UKFMD7100

£3.92 ex.VAT

6 x 150mm Masonry Drill Bits

Code: UKFMD6150

£3.69 ex.VAT

6 x 100mm Masonry Drill Bits

Code: UKFMD6100

£3.64 ex.VAT

5 x 85mm Masonry Drill Bits

Code: UKFMD585

£3.41 ex.VAT
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