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Soil & Waste

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Soil & Waste - Uses

Soil and Waste is the name given to the pipes and fittings that convey foul water from bathrooms, kitchens and and commercial installations to the Underground Drainage System. Generally made from PVC, Soil & Waste is also still available in Cast Iron. Our PVC Soil and Waste System is manufactured to British Standard by Floplast and it is fully compatible with our Drainage System. Our Cast Iron is manufactured by Hargreaves Foundries. Our PVC system is the commonly used 110mm whilst our Cast Iron is available in 100mm and 150mm.

Colour Options

In addition to the usual Black and Grey options, our PVC Soil Pipes are also available in White. which is growing in popularity and look particularly good when used internally. Our Solvent Weld System comes in both Black and Olive Grey. Cast Iron Effect, which is used to complement cast iron or cast iron effect guttering, is a relatively inexpensive and lightweight way to replace old cast iron soil stacks.

Cast Iron Soil comes in a tradtional Black and an Epoxy Red Finish.

Types of Materials

We stock Ring Seal (Push Fit) Soil in four colours and our Solvent Weld System is availabel in Olive Grey & Black. Our Waste systems are available in matching colours and in either push fit or solvent weld options. 

We also stock two Cast Iron Soil Sytems. Our Traditional Express Cast Iron features innovative push fit seals for speedy installation whilst our Halifax Cast Iron System is typically used for commercial installations.


The installation of domestic soil and waste systems can be carried out by anyone who is competent at DIY. Here are a few hints and tips;

  • Begin the installation at ground level and work upwards
  • Mark and pre-drill screw holes for any pipe brackets
  • Space pipe brackets 2m apart vertically (1m if the pipe is running horizontally)
  • Always apply silicon lubricant to the joint before inserting pipe
  • Do not insert the pipe fully - push it until it stops and then pull it back 10mm  - this allows for expansion to occur within the installation
  • Never force a pipe or fitting into position - this will put a strain on the installation which could lead to leaks - instead you should re-cut the pipe or reposition the fitting to ensure a smooth fit.
  • If using solvent weld, make sure the pipes and fittings are clean and cut squarely. 
  • Do not over tighten traps - this will only over-compress the seal. 
  • If in doubt, employ a professional.

For more detailed installation instructions please visit our Guides and Tips Section for Soil & Waste.

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