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Ogee Gutter

Features of Ogee Gutters

  • One of the highest capacity PVC-U domestic rainwater systems on the market
  • Revolutionary designed moulded water-tight seal and retaining clip pre-fitted for fast user friendly installation
  • Suitable for all properties old and new
  • Internal/external angles and right/left hand stopends available
  • Running outlet designed to cope with above average rainfall
  • Fits 65mm Square Downpipes and 68mm Round Downpipes (excluding Caramel which uses only the Square Downpipe System)

Click here to watch a short video detailing the features and benefits of the Floplast Gutter System. 


Benefits of Ogee Gutters

Most developers and homeowners think of Ogee guttering as a decorative system, without realising that it also has another big benefit – it has a high capacity and flow rate. FloPlast’s Niagara Ogee actually has one of the highest carrying capacities of any domestic gutters available in the UK.

High Capacity Ogee Gutters

FloPlast Niagara Ogee Gutter capacity varies between 2.4 litres per second (fixed level with the outlet at one end) and 5.3 litres per second (fixed at 1:350 with a central outlet). We appreciate that these stats can be baffling to all but the scientists and architects, but what this means is that the gutter can hold approximately two and half times as much water as our half round system and more even than our Deepflow Gutter - and as such it can cope with the heaviest flow of rainfall from any large or particularly steep pitched domestic roofs.

Corners and Stop Ends for Ogee Gutters

Because Ogee Gutter is not symmetrical, it is important to understand that stop ends are either left or right handed (a right hand stop end is fitted at the right hand end of a length of gutter when viewed from the front). Similarly, you should remember that gutter angles can be either internal or external (the best way to understand the difference is to look at both product images).

Concealed Brackets for Ogee Gutters

Niagara Ogee also features an optional top hung UPVC fascia bracket. This cleverly designed bracket fits over the top of the gutter and locates inside a small lip on the top inside edge of the gutter profile, removing the need for traditional bottom supported fascia brackets – ideal on a conservatory where you would like to see clean, unspoilt lines. These top hung brackets are currently available in Black, White, Brown and Caramel. 

Ogee Gutter Installation Guide

Due to the shaped contour of the gutter seals, FloPlast recommend that all fittings are sprayed with lubricant prior to insertion of the gutters, This keeps the seals clean prevents them from catching as the gutter expands and contracts through the joint.

The carrying capacity of any gutter system is determined not only by its size, but also by the position of the rainwater downpipes in relation to the gutter and the fall to which it is laid. All gutter systems can actually be fixed level, although we would recommend that a fall of 1:600 is incorporated (this equates to approximately 1 inch in 50 feet, or 2.5cm in 15 metres in metric terms).
For tips on gutter installations, visit our Ogee Guttering Installation videos and documentation, or access our Guides and Tips tab.

Is Ogee Guttering Right For Me?

If you are still not sure whether Ogee is the right system to fit on your house or development, click here to read our own comparison of Ogee with other systems

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