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Mini Gutter

Features of Mini Gutters

  • 20 Year Performance Guarantee  
  • For use on small roof areas, such as Sheds, Conservatories, Greenhouses and Carports.
  • 76mm Gutter and Fittings with 50mm Downpipe and fittings.
  •  Single fix Gutter/Downpipe bracket
  • System is covered by a BSI Kitemark - no. KM501316
Discover more about the benefits and features of Floplast's Mini guttering in the short video below. 

Benefits of Mini Gutters

Almost all garden sheds are supplied without any form of guttering. This can lead to problems such as boggy areas around the shed perimeter and even rotting of the shed timbers in time. Fitting a mini gutter system removes this issue completely.
The 76mm guttering connects into a 50mm downpipe. A new and popular addition to this range is our 50mm MiniFlo Rainwater Diverter, which allows water from the gutter to be diverted into a Water Butt. When the butt is full, the cleverly designed diverter allows the rain to run back down the downpipe and discharge normally.
A full range of gutter and downpipe fittings is available within this range, please select your colour choice from the boxes below. You can choose from black, white or brown Miniflo guttering.

Mini Gutter Shed Packs

In addition to all of the separate Mini Gutter components, we also supply full shed gutter packs to make your purchase easier. Take a look at what's included in our mini gutter shed packs in the video below.


Mini Gutters Installation Guide

For tips on gutter installation, visit our plastic gutters installation in our Guides and Tips section where we provide you with variety of information and top tips.

If you need any other assistance please do not hesitate to contact us or check out our frequently asked questions below.

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