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Manhole Covers

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Our Manhole Covers are manufactured by leading suppliers ClarkDrain and FloPlast, and come in a wide range of shapes and loadings.

Manhole Cover Circular Cast Iron 450mm

Code: CLKS1657

£36.32 ex.VAT

Steel Manhole Cover 2.5T 600 x 450

Code: PC6AG

£18.09 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

Steel Manhole Cover 5T 600 x 450

Code: PC6BG

£21.63 ex.VAT

Steel Manhole Cover 10T 600 x 450

Code: PC6CG

£29.19 ex.VAT

Steel Manhole Cover 17T 600 x 450

Code: PC6DG

£42.02 ex.VAT

Manhole Cover Square Small

Code: CLKS300

£19.32 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

Steel Manhole Cover 2.5T 450 x 450

Code: PC5AG

£14.83 ex.VAT

Manhole Cover Square Large

Code: CLKS456

£44.66 ex.VAT

Steel Manhole Cover 5T 450 x 450

Code: PC5BG

£19.46 ex.VAT

Manhole Cover Circular Polyrop 450mm

Code: CLKS452

£25.36 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

Steel Manhole Cover 10T 450 x 450

Code: PC5CG

£37.84 ex.VAT

Manhole Cover Iron 12.5T 600mm x 450mm

Code: CLKS762KMB

£73.85 ex.VAT

Manhole Cover Iron 38T 600mm x 450mm

Code: CLKS756KMD

£143.06 ex.VAT

Manhole Cover Iron 5T 600mm x 600mm

Code: CLKS778KMB

£118.51 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

Manhole Cover Iron 38T 600mm x 600mm

Code: CLKS701KMD

£139.65 ex.VAT

Recessed Manhole Cover Internal / External 600 x 450

Code: T11G3

£45.42 ex.VAT

Recessed Manhole Cover 10T 450M x 450mm x 46mm

Code: CLKS450SR/46SL

£55.03 ex.VAT

Yard Gully

Code: GULLY300

£40.10 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

Recessed Manhole Cover 10T 450M x 450mm x 80mm

Code: CLKS450SR

£46.02 ex.VAT

Silt Bucket


£44.22 ex.VAT

Recessed Manhole Cover 600 x 600

Code: T16G3

£70.30 ex.VAT

Recessed Manhole Cover for Block Paving

Code: CD300SR

£47.11 ex.VAT

Gully Grating Iron 300mm x 300mm


£38.98 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

Gully Grating Heavy 660mm x 466mm

Code: CLKS 179KMD

£145.43 ex.VAT
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