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Copper Effect Steel Gutters

Steel guttering dimensions

Giving the appearance of copper but with the strength and durability of Galvanised Steel, this system as with all Galeco Steel gutters comes with a 35 year mechanical guarantee. Available in 135mm with an 87mm downpipe system, the internal curved feature on the front of the gutter increases the carrying capacity of the system considerably when compared to other steel gutter systems. 

Fixed unions, 70mm wide seals and twisted side rafter bracket options are all unique features of this attractive, lightweight and durable gutter system.

Click here to watch a short video that demonstrates the difference in colour between this product and normal brown PVC guttering. Please note when comparing prices - our angles come with seals and do not require additional unions like most other systems.

Steel 135mm Gutter 3m Copper Effect

Code: STAL135G3C

£20.27 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Fascia Bracket Copper Effect

Code: STAL135FBC

£2.91 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Rafter Bracket Copper Effect

Code: STAL135RBC

£8.08 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Gutter Union Copper Effect

Code: STAL135UC

£5.22 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Gutter Union with Bracket Copper Effect

Code: STAL135UBC

£7.23 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm External Stop End Copper Effect

Code: STAL135SEC

£3.44 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Running Outlet Copper Effect

Code: STAL135ROC

£8.58 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm External Angle 90 Deg. Copper Effect

Code: STAL13590EC

£22.19 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Internal Angle 90 Deg. Copper Effect

Code: STAL13590IC

£23.85 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm External Angle (adjustable) Copper Effect


£25.92 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe 3m Copper Effect

Code: STAL90P3C

£26.93 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe Clip with fixing Copper Effect


£3.10 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Offset Bend 60 Deg. Copper Effect

Code: STAL90B60C

£8.64 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Pipe Connector Copper Effect

Code: STAL90SC

£5.52 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe Bend 90 Deg. Copper Effect

Code: STAL90B90C

£12.98 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe Branch Copper Effect


£31.17 ex.VAT

Optional Increased length screw and plug


£0.48 ex.VAT
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