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Brown Deepflow Gutter

Our Brown Deep Flow Gutter is manufactured by FloPlast, the market leader in the UK. Deepflow Dimensions

Brown Deep Flow Guttering looks particularly effective on buildings with steep or large roofs that have brown timber or woodgrain style UPVC fascias and soffits. It also looks particularly effective on timber-clad buildings, which seem to be becoming ever more popular.

Our range of Brown Deepflow Gutters is one of the most comprehensive in the UK and is covered by a 10 year colour guarantee.

Deepflow 115 X75mm Brown Gutter 4M

Code: RGH4BR

£8.81 ex.VAT
From 7 reviews

Deepflow Brown Fascia Bracket

Code: RKH1BR

£0.96 ex.VAT
From 5 reviews

Deepflow Brown Union Bracket

Code: RUH1BR

£2.75 ex.VAT
From 5 reviews

Deepflow Brown 90° Gutter Angle

Code: RAH1BR

£3.96 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

Deepflow Brown Running Outlet

Code: ROH1BR

£3.87 ex.VAT
From 4 reviews

Deepflow Brown External Stopend

Code: REH1BR

£1.95 ex.VAT
From 6 reviews

Deepflow Brown Internal Stopend

Code: REH2BR

£1.16 ex.VAT

Deepflow Brown 135° Gutter Angle

Code: RAH2BR

£5.31 ex.VAT

68mm Brown Round Downpipe 2.5M

Code: RP2.5BR

£4.76 ex.VAT
From 11 reviews

68mm Brown Round Downpipe 4M

Code: RP4BR

£7.40 ex.VAT
From 7 reviews

68mm Brown Round Downpipe 5.5M

Code: RP5.5BR

£10.65 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

68mm Round Brown 90° Downpipe Bend

Code: RB1BR

£2.37 ex.VAT
From 7 reviews

68mm Round Brown Offset Bend

Code: RB2BR

£1.46 ex.VAT
From 13 reviews

68mm Round Brown Shoe

Code: RB3BR

£1.70 ex.VAT
From 10 reviews

68mm Round Brown Pipe Clip

Code: RC1BR

£0.76 ex.VAT
From 19 reviews

68mm Round Brown Pipe Socket

Code: RS1BR

£1.11 ex.VAT
From 3 reviews

Brown Square to Round Universal Hopper

Code: RHS1BR

£6.41 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

68mm Brown 112° Branch

Code: RY1BR

£4.21 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

Brown Rain Diverter

Code: RVS1BR

£10.70 ex.VAT
From 3 reviews

68mm Brown Access Pipe

Code: RX1BR

£10.50 ex.VAT

Side Rafter Bracket

Code: RR2

£2.97 ex.VAT
£3.30 Save 10%
From 6 reviews

Top Rafter Bracket

Code: RR1

£2.91 ex.VAT
£3.23 Save 10%
From 2 reviews

Rise And Fall Bracket

Code: RF1

£5.70 ex.VAT
£6.33 Save 10%
From 2 reviews

Balloon (Outlet Leaf Guard)

Code: OG1

£2.31 ex.VAT
£2.57 Save 10%
From 16 reviews
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