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Black Steel Gutters

Our Black Steel Guttering is available in two sizes, 100mm and 135mm, both of which connect to an 87mm downpipe system. The factory applied paint finish over top quality galvanised scandinavian steel gives a deep lustre for a first class appearance and durable weather protection. Black steel is now a very viable and popular alternative to standard black PVC gutters in the UK, suiting as is does both traditional and modern styles of construction. 

Steel 100mm Gutter 3m Black

Code: STAL120G3B

£15.23 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Fascia Bracket Black

Code: STAL120FBB

£2.01 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Side Rafter Bracket Black

Code: STAL120RBB

£6.13 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Gutter Union Black

Code: STAL120UB

£3.72 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm External Stop End Black

Code: STAL120SEB

£2.55 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Running Outlet Black

Code: STAL120ROB

£6.76 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm External Angle 90 Deg. Black

Code: STAL12090EB

£18.13 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Internal Angle 90 Deg. Black

Code: STAL12090IB

£18.13 ex.VAT

Steel 100mm Angle 135 Deg. External Black

Code: STAL120135EB

£21.61 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe 3m Black

Code: STAL90P3B

£20.06 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe Clip with fixing Black


£2.19 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Offset Bend 60 Deg. Black

Code: STAL90B60B

£6.38 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Pipe Connector Black

Code: STAL90SB

£4.59 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe Bend 90 Deg. Black

Code: STAL90B90B

£10.81 ex.VAT

Steel 87mm Downpipe Branch Black


£25.94 ex.VAT

Optional Increased length screw and plug


£0.48 ex.VAT
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Steel 135mm Gutter 3m Black

Code: STAL135G3B

£15.32 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Fascia Bracket Black

Code: STAL135FBB

£1.92 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Side Rafter Bracket Black

Code: STAL135RBB

£6.73 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Gutter Union Black

Code: STAL135UB

£3.98 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm External Stop End Black

Code: STAL135SEB

£2.87 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Running Outlet Black

Code: STAL135ROB

£7.14 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm External Angle 90 Deg. Black

Code: STAL13590EB

£18.48 ex.VAT

Steel 135mm Internal Angle 90 Deg. Black

Code: STAL13590IB

£19.84 ex.VAT
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