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Black Deepflow Gutter

Black has traditionally been the most popular choice of plastic gutter systems since it was introduced in the late 1960’s as a replacement for Cast Iron.  At that time many Victorian gutter systems had fallen into disrepair, and the PVC manufacturers did an excellent job of selling the benefits of plastic – it is free flowing, lightweight and most importantly, maintenance free. 

Initially the only shape available was Half Round - a straightforward copy of its metal forerunner - but soon other shapes and colours were introduced. Black Deep Flow gutter has remained popular since its introduction, largely because of its blend of traditional colour, modern appearance and excellent carrying capacity.

We stock a wide range of Floplast UK manufactured black deepflow guttering products, with a 10 year colour guarantee. 

Deepflow 115 x 75mm Black Gutter 3M

Code: RGH3B

£6.25 ex.VAT
From 10 reviews

Deepflow 115 x 75mm Black Gutter 3M (Pack of 6)


£35.70 ex.VAT
From 5 reviews

Deepflow 115 x 75mm Black Gutter 4M

Code: RGH4B

£8.81 ex.VAT
From 19 reviews

Deepflow Black Fascia Bracket

Code: RKH1B

£0.96 ex.VAT
From 27 reviews

Deepflow Black Union Bracket

Code: RUH1B

£2.75 ex.VAT
From 21 reviews

Deepflow Black 90° Gutter Angle

Code: RAH1B

£3.96 ex.VAT
From 12 reviews

Deepflow Black Running Outlet

Code: ROH1B

£3.87 ex.VAT
From 23 reviews

Deepflow Black External Stopend

Code: REH1B

£1.95 ex.VAT
From 25 reviews

Deepflow Black Internal Stopend

Code: REH2B

£1.11 ex.VAT
From 6 reviews

Deepflow Black 135° Gutter Angle

Code: RAH2B

£5.31 ex.VAT

Hi-Cap to Half Round Gutter Adapter Black

Code: RHR3B

£9.25 ex.VAT
From 4 reviews

Hi-Cap to Square Gutter Adapter Black

Code: RHS3B

£9.25 ex.VAT
From 1 reviews

68mm Black Round Downpipe 2.5M

Code: RP2.5B

£4.76 ex.VAT
From 30 reviews

68mm Black Round Downpipe 4M

Code: RP4B

£7.40 ex.VAT
From 28 reviews

68mm Black Round Downpipe 5.5M

Code: RP5.5B

£10.64 ex.VAT
From 9 reviews

68mm Round Black 90° Downpipe Bend

Code: RB1B

£2.37 ex.VAT
From 12 reviews

68mm Round Black Offset Bend

Code: RB2B

£1.46 ex.VAT
From 40 reviews

68mm Round Black Shoe

Code: RB3B

£1.69 ex.VAT
From 27 reviews

68mm Round Black Pipe Clip

Code: RC1B

£0.76 ex.VAT
From 45 reviews

68mm Round Black Pipe Socket

Code: RS1B

£1.11 ex.VAT
From 17 reviews

Black Universal Hopper

Code: RHS1B

£6.41 ex.VAT
From 6 reviews

Rain Diverter Black

Code: RVS1B

£10.70 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews

68mm Black 112° Branch

Code: RY1B

£4.21 ex.VAT
From 9 reviews

68mm Black Access Pipe

Code: RX1B

£10.51 ex.VAT
From 2 reviews
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