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Air Admittance Valves

All of our Air Admittance Valves are Kitemarked and conform to BS12380:2002.

The one-way valve opens to allow air in to the soil system when required to balance negative pressure, but without allowing any foul air to escape. The valve must be fitted at least 200mm above the highest "wet point" in the soil stack, i.e. the highest point in the system that water can reach. Valves can be left on show or hidden within a duct, cupboard or loft space.

External Air Admittance Valves are a new development that allows the soil stack to terminate within three metres of a window, avoiding the need for the installation to terminate above the roofline. This reduces installation time, improves health and safety during the installation and removes the need for unsightly pipes above the roofline.

Air Admittance valves are just a small part of our comprehensive soil and waste systems that are available in a wide range of colours and applications.

110mm Air Admittance Valve Grey

Code: AV110G

£11.30 ex.VAT

110mm Air Admittance Valve Black

Code: AV110B

£11.30 ex.VAT

110mm Air Admittance Valve White

Code: AV110W

£11.30 ex.VAT
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Grey External Valve

Code: AX110G

£34.59 ex.VAT

Black External Valve

Code: AX110B

£34.59 ex.VAT


Code: AF32

£11.82 ex.VAT

Air Admittance Valve (External)

Code: AX110W

£36.31 ex.VAT

40mm Air Admittance Valve White

Code: AV40

£3.82 ex.VAT
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