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16mm Bullnose Fascia

For those who prefer a less traditional appearance, the Kestrel K16 Bullnose system combines strength and durability with a more modern style of profile.

This system combines with our white soffit boards for a more modern eaves appearance.

Please allow 5 days for delivery of 16mm Bullnosed boards.

16mm x 150mm Bullnose Fascia x 5m

Code: KB16/150

£23.96 ex.VAT

16mm x 175mm Bullnose Fascia x 5m

Code: KB16/175

£24.97 ex.VAT

16mm x 200mm Bullnose Fascia x 5m

Code: KB16/200

£30.37 ex.VAT

16mm x 225mm Bullnose Fascia x 5m

Code: KB16/225

£31.61 ex.VAT

16mm x 250mm Bullnose Fascia x 5m

Code: KB16/250

£39.26 ex.VAT

16mm x 405mm Bullnose Box End (Double Edged) 1.25m

Code: KB16/405/1.25

£15.38 ex.VAT

Fascia Joint 250mm

Code: K22/695/250

£2.30 ex.VAT

Fascia External Corner 250mm

Code: K22/696/250

£2.88 ex.VAT
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Fascia External Corner 600mm

Code: K22/696/600

£6.30 ex.VAT

250mm Internal Corner Joint

Code: K22/697/250

£3.37 ex.VAT

25mm x 250mm End Cap

Code: K22/694/250

£2.58 ex.VAT

25mm x 50mm End Cap

Code: K22/693/050

£0.57 ex.VAT
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